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Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Costume

white-rabbit-costumeIf you are trying to think of something which will make you look a bit different this Halloween, maybe you don’t want a scary outfit like the Donnie Dark costume, maybe you are looking for something¬† little less scary and a litle more fun. How about dressing yourself in a Wicked White Rabbit costume, the famouse bunny rabbit from the Alice In Wonderland movie which was remade and re-released just this year.

With this Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit costume you will be able to meet all of your wickely scary friends at the Halloween party and have lots and lots of fun this season. This is going to be a tea party Massacre. Whilst this costume isn’t quite as scary as the Frank the Bunny costume, it still has a little bit of scare about it which makes it great for the Halloween season. The costume comes complete with everything you are going to need to look just like the Wicked White Rabbit. It includes the classic black suit jacket, an attached red/burgondy vest, a matching tie, black pants and a black top hat. The costume is also completed well with a truly uniqe and scary White Rabbit mask which has big white eyes, large evil teeth and red splatter marks around it’s mouth. You are going to be the best looking person there at your next Halloween party.

This costume comes in a range of sizes including small, medium, large and XL, so it’s suitable for people of all statures and shapes.

The latest Alice In Wonderland movie was released in 2010 and the White Rabbit was played by Michael Sheen, he did the voice over of the character.¬† The film was directed by Tim Burton who is also famous for doing very “out there” movies, his past works include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride and also the origional Batman. All of his films have a very dark theme but are always greatly received by their audiences.