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Donnie Darko CostumeThe early 2000 film classic, Donnie Darko, was actually a huge “flop” when it was first released to the public but since it’s initial release it gained momentum and became one of the most popular cult movie failures ever, with a cult following developing over the next decade. This means that almost everyone who is everyone is familiar with the Frank bunny rabbit costume and that menacing look it gives with an almost chilling effect. I can guarantee no-one else at your party is going to turn up in this costume, so it really is your opportunity to stand out from everyone else and best of all it’s not going to cost you the world.

Do you want to haunt all of your friends this Halloween? Have we got the costume for you! Go to a Halloween party dressed like Frank the Bunny, Donnie Darko?s hallucinating friend. Are you ready to join the cult? Go to a Halloween party as this dark, creepy, Bunny and all the guest will think you?ve stepped right out of the movie! This Darko Adult Costume comes in the Standard Adult One size Fits all, and the package includes a gray frank the bunny mask that has the big plain white eyes sowed in place, and the big Ragged teeth sown into place as well, you also get the body suit that is a covered in soft synthetic fur with the gloves sown on. This costume does not come with shoes, but a pair of plain black shoes looks excellent, and seems to really finish the costume off. If you were to go to a retail store and buy the Frank Donnie Darko Costume you would honestly be spending more money. Our costumes will cost you less including the shipping and handling.  Buying this costume from will save you time and money and you will not be disappointed.

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The Adult Frank bunny Costume is an Officially Licensed Donnie Darko costume, it has a rating, of 4 and a half starts from a five star rating scale. The costume is made of two different materials polyester, and latex. This should be taken if you have allergies to these materials. The costume comes with very easy care instructions, that are simple, the first step is to put the costume in the washer machine, preferably on the gentle cycle, then hang it out to dry with a clothes hanger or on a clothes line, then if you put the costume back in the package it came in, it?s an easy way to put it away, and it makes an easy storage. Our product can be shipped Internationally, and also be mailed by Airplane. There is no charge to have this package shipped as an express item. This costume is available to be returned, should it not fit, or you find a problem.

donnie-darko-maskMaybe you’re not looking to spend over $50 this Halloween or maybe you want to have a little more fun creating the costume yourself. If that’s the case then why not save yourself some time and just create the lower part of the costume i.e. the bunny suit, you can buy the Donnie Darko Mask right here. The whole chill created by Donnie Darko was certainly done with the appearances of Frank throughout the film, but in all it wasn’t the suit which was the scary part, it was the goolishly freaky mask which Frank was seen wearing throughout the film. You can look equally as freaky.

The mask offered here is an almost extact replica of the mask seen in the Donnie Darko film. The mask is grey and has extra large ears which pertrude from the top of the mas. It’s big white teeth stick out from the mouth of the mask, having a very chilling effect when seen in the dark. The eyes are equally as freaky and chilling, they are sparkling white and large in size.

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This mask comes in one size and will fit all adults, it’s an offically licensed Donnie Darko product, meaning you won’t get better anywhere else.

Frank the bunny rabbit was a freaky character seem throughout the Donnie Darko film in the early 2000’s, he appears at various intervals throughout the movie when Donnie is experiencing his hallucinations. The goolish rabbit makes his first appearance in the film by awakening Donnie from his sleep at the beginning of the movie with the words “Wake Up Donnie”, in a freaky muffled/distored voice. We don’t actually learn the name of the bunny rabbit until the end of the film when he removes his mask for a second time and his girl friend shouts out his name as Donnie proceeds to shoot Frank through the head with his Dads pistol. An action which Frank has driven Donnie to in his quest as the “manipulated dead” in order to try and restore the tangent universe to it’s origional state as the primary universe.

In the later part of first decade of 2000 a second film was made to follow Donnie Darko, called S Darko. S Darko is a film in which the events are set some 7 years after Donnie Darko had been crushed by the aeroplant engine which fell from the worm hole in the tangent universe. The second movie , as it’s titled, is about the younger sister of Donnie, Samantha Darko. Whilst Frank the bunny doesn’t make an appearance himself, we do see the mask of Frank the bunny made and worn by a seemingly excentric individual who is actually trying to prevent the end of the world from happening. This time, instead of the story centering around the “living receiver” it actually centers around Samantha and her friend, the “living reciver” is simply seen in the background throughout the entire film, although the actions of Samantha and her friend Corey are key to saving the universe.

The Donnie Darko Frank character is the perfect bunny rabbit to dress up as this Halloween but with that said there are also many other scary Halloween costumes you could consider wearing this year. If you wanted to you could stick with the bunny rabbit theme but still get yourself a nice scary costume, just a couple of ideas would be to get yourself a White Rabbit costume, the bunny from Alice In Wonderland. If you didn’t want a scary costume then why not try out a bugs bunny costume, Jessica Rabbit costume or Easter Bunny costume.